It’s been a trying week.

Here's a run down:

  • Another killer cop walks free in Saint Louis,
  • Democrats and Republicans voted overwhelmingly to pass a $75 billion increase in the military budget, and
  • Trump threatened to “destroy” North Korea in his address to the United Nations.

It is clear war and repression is at the center of the Empire’s strategy to maintain its oppressive dominance.

And so we must resist with everything we have.

That’s why I come to you again, asking for your support to help us build a resistance movement with the capacity to check the systematic violence that we and the people of the world are subjected to.

Spending more on wars only means more Black, Brown and poor bodies will be sent to the front lines to kill other Black, Brown and poor bodies.

Meanwhile, Black and Brown people will continue to die at the hands of the domestic military referred to as the police.

That’s why it’s crucial you support BAP today.

BAP has already begun educating the public on the war machine:

  • We campaigned against the increase in military spending,
  • helped develop a coalition to close U.S. foreign military bases, and
  • co-sponsored CodePink’s campaign to divest from war profiteers.

Building the capacity of our members and activist community to resist is how we’ll defend against state repression.

Your financial support in the form of a one-time donation or by joining our monthly sustainer program can help us expand our public education program.

Will you contribute today?

Thanks so much for being part of our journey toward peace and social justice.

In solidarity,
Ajamu Baraka
National Organizer
Black Alliance for Peace

P.S. Let’s build a public education program. Become a contributor today.



Photo credit: Scott Olson/Getty