Jericho Tenth Anniversary March and Rally

Jericho Tenth Anniversary March and Rally

Holyrood Episcopal Church (map)

Former Political Prisoners at Jericho Tenth Anniversary March and Rally
with Jericho Co-Founder Herman Ferguson

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Holyrood Episcopal Church
715 W. 179th St, New York, New York

Dinner from 5 to 6 p.m. Downstairs

Program from 6:30 to 9 p.m. in Sanctuary

Speakers: Jericho National Co-Chair Jihad Abdulmumit
Pam Africa of ICFFMAJ and MOVE Organization

Additional Speakers • Culture • Music • Spoken Word

National Jericho Movement •
NYC Chapter • • 917-544-1577

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Diversity and Inclusion Summit to tackle classroom speech issues

Diversity and Inclusion Summit to tackle classroom speech issues

Berger Hall (map)

College campuses have historically provided a forum for the exchange of ideas, including those that come from various ideological and critical perspectives. This year’s University of Colorado Colorado Springs Diversity and Inclusion Summit on April 3 will focus on the themes of academic freedom, free speech, and freedom of expression; and discuss, among other subjects, the boundaries that delineate free speech expression, hate speech, and censorship.

“Academic Freedom, Free Speech Expression and the Idea of the University,” the title of the summit, will provide an opportunity for faculty and staff to discuss this complex and increasingly contentious topic. Andrea O’Reilly Herrera, associate vice chancellor for inclusion and academic affairs, is coordinating and facilitating the event.

“One of the goals of this summit is to provide our community with concrete and effective tools and strategies in order to respond to what has proven to be a rapidly changing landscape,” Herrera said. She chose this topic based, in part, on the issues faculty, including lecturers and instructors, staff and students have encountered both in and out of the classroom and via social media.

“As a result of a range of specific and oftentimes personal threats,” Herrera said, “members of our community feel vulnerable and in some instances, threatened; and some have begun to self-silence for fear of coming under attack.

“This summit will provide specific information respecting our First Amendment rights as well as the support our community can expect from our staff, including campus police and our administration,” Herrera said. “Most fundamentally, the Diversity and Inclusion Summit will focus on the ways in which faculty and staff can create dignified yet challenging environments in which robust intellectual exchange and critical analysis are possible. By featuring a range of panelists from our campus community, I am also hoping to foster empathetic awareness regarding the day-to-day challenges we all face.”

Among the speakers are Ajamu Baraka, the vice presidential candidate for the Green Party in 2016. He will kick off the summit and present on “Applying a ‘people-centered’ human rights framework to social justice organizing and advocacy in the U.S.” Baraka will be followed by Kathleen Hynes from the American Civil Liberties Union in her presentation “Free speech isn’t really free – are you willing to pay for it?”

The summit will shift to how CU in general and UCCS in particular are approaching this complex topic. Pat O’Rourke, CU vice president and legal counsel, will discuss the role of academic freedom on campus and provide an outlook on the future with his presentation “Academic freedom in 2020.” O’Rourke’s presentation will be followed by a guided discussion with questions from Jennifer George, UCCS senior associate university counsel. A roundtable discussion, “Tools and strategies for ensuring intellectual exchange,” will feature 16 UCCS faculty and staff members, and be followed by a “Just Talk” session moderated by Herrera and Dean Martin Garnar.

The summit will take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 3 in Berger Hall. The Just Talk series will follow the main summit for UCCS attendees to discuss how the topics directly impact the university. Registration is free and open to CU faculty and staff members.

Join BAP for a United Day of Action Against U.S. Wars at Home and Abroad

Join BAP for a United Day of Action Against U.S. Wars at Home and Abroad

The Black Alliance for Peace, as a founding member of the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases, asks the public to join us in a day of action on April 14 against the United States’ policy of destructive, endless wars and expensive military interventions that have driven our country and the whole world into an increasingly dangerous crisis—politically, socially, economically, and with catastrophic impact on the environment and health.

To further deepen the crisis, the Defense Department’s new “2018 Defense Strategy” calls for a “more lethal, resilient, and rapidly innovating Joint Force ... that will sustain American influence and ensure favorable balance of power” for the U.S. around the globe, and warns that the “costs of not implementing this strategy are ... decreasing U.S. global influence ... and reduced access to markets.”

In line with this intensified militaristic policy, Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, announced recently that the U.S. military will stay in Syria indefinitely, that the U.S. is planning to partition Syria by creating a 30,000-strong pro-U.S. force on Syria’s northern territory (which has already led to a confrontation with Turkey), and that all units of the U.S. military are now going through military exercises in preparation for war!

People in the U.S. and around the world are under ever increasing attack. Our tax dollars are used for more war, to build walls and jails as the voices of racism, sexism, Islamophobia and homophobia get louder, while human needs are ignored.

This ever-increasing militarization of U.S. government policy at home and abroad calls for an urgent response by all of us.

The time is now to return to the streets as a united movement to make our anti-war and social justice voices heard. As you may know, the recent well-attended and broadly sponsored Conference on U.S. Foreign Military Bases adopted a resolution calling for united spring actions against U.S. wars at home and abroad. You can see the full text of the resolution on our web site:

The Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases is proposing a united day of regional actions on the weekend of April 14 – 15. That weekend is right before Tax Day, Earth Day, and May Day, which gives us the ability to draw attention to the increase in military spending and the unpopular new tax bill, to point out that the U.S. military is the largest polluter in the world and address the growing deportation and vilification of immigrants, as well as violation of labor rights.

Please join a conference call 3-4:30 p.m., Saturday February 3, to start our collective organizing work for a united Spring National Action Against U.S. Wars at Home and Abroad. If you cannot personally make the conference call, please have someone else who can represent your organization.

Please RSVP for the call and provide your organization’s name and contact information via the form provided on our web site,, so we can inform you of the conference call number and access code as soon as it has been set up.