What we are witnessing in Venezuela is not a crisis of socialism, but of capitalism and empire. The people of Venezuela, Haiti and other places the United States intends to invade, suppress and exploit want peace—but we know there can be no peace without justice. As we at the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) say, you must be prepared to fight for justice.

The terms of struggle are quite clear when observing the spectacle at the White House this week, with two neo-fascists consolidating their murderous plans for the Latin American part of the Global South. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s visit to the White House and Trump’s proclamation that Brazil should be a main non-NATO member revealed in a few minutes what a dozen studies couldn't have demonstrated: NATO is a U.S./European instrument for the continued colonization of the world. We saw that in the 2011 NATO-led attack on Libya, the most prosperous African country—this war destabilized the continent of our ancestors. In fact, the eighth anniversary of this invasion passed on March 19, along with the 16th anniversary of the U.S.-led Iraq invasion on March 20. And again, this Sunday, we mourn the 20th anniversary of the NATO attack on Yugoslavia.

All of this is precisely why we are making the connection in the next few weeks between the economic, political and ideological war being waged against Venezuela and the war being waged against all Africans, including the African/Black working-class and poor in the United States. It is why Afro-Venezuelans say, “We want peace, but we are ready for war!”

We invite you to join us as we head to Washington, D.C., to oppose the scheduled 70th anniversary NATO meetings April 3-4 and our coalition partners’ events from March 30 onward. BAP is organizing an action at the NATO site that will be joined by activists from across the country. For more information on the particulars, please monitor our website for information.

If you cannot make it to D.C., please sign our petition to shut down AFRICOM as well as the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement’s petition demanding hands off Venezuela.

Last Saturday, BAP represented at the National March on Washington to oppose the U.S. intervention in Venezuela. Below, you’ll see Coordinating Committee member Netfa Freeman speaking in front of the White House.

Netfa Freeman at National March on Washington, March 16, 2019

Because of the trouble traveling back to the United States, the U.S. delegation to Venezuela that BAP participated in has postponed two events:

  1. The group will report its initial findings at a press conference at 11 a.m., March 26, at the United Nations

  2. The U.S. Peace Council, which organized this delegation, will host a public conference call at 7 p.m., Eastern Time, on Tuesday, March 26

BAP invites all defenders of peace, social justice, international law and national sovereignty to join us on this conference call.

Please register for the March 26 public call.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Please also check out an interview on RT that delegation co-leader Bahman Azad gave this week, read this article by delegation participant Popular Resistance, sign up for a March 28 public call on NATO and Latin America, and visit our Videos page to watch other delegation videos from Venezuela.


It is because of all we are doing that we must now come to you. Consider supporting us with a generous donation. We need to raise $5,000 to cover travel, food and accommodations for our activists during this period of agitation. Unlike the big nonprofits, we don’t get corporate funding or foundation money. That is why we must go to the people for support.

No compromise.

No retreat.

Struggle to win,
Ajamu, Jaribu, Margaret, Netfa, Paul, Vanessa and YahNé
Coordinating Committee
Black Alliance for Peace

P.S. We are completely dependent on the people. Contribute to BAP’s efforts to agitate around Venezuela.

Photo credit: Answer Coalition