Demonstrating solidarity with the embattled Bolivarian republic of Venezuela is today’s litmus test of anti-imperialism.

As African/Black internationalists, we stand in the tradition of our people’s historic anti-war and anti imperialist positions. We understand that when our folks are clear, they don’t accept the smoke-and-mirrors stunts that call themselves the “interim president” or the “most trusted name in news.”

Some of our folks based in the Washington, D.C., area have stepped up to support the Embassy Protection Collective over the past few days. Though the threat of arrest looms, the collective has been able to remain in the building. Article 22 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations stipulates the U.S. government is prohibited from entering, searching and seizing items from another country’s building. That, as well as protection provided by city tenancy laws, have been communicated to the U.S. Department of State.

BAP member Vanessa Beck held it down at a rally Thursday in front of the Venezuelan embassy, representing Black, working-class internationalists who oppose U.S. gangsterism abroad.

Photo credit: Faro Sau Paulo EU

Photo credit: Faro Sau Paulo EU

Yesterday, we showed up again—this time for a spontaneous rally. BAP member Jacqueline Luqman spoke about the solidarity our people have for an oppressed country struggling for self-determination. Watch her talk.

Jacqueline Luqman, Venezuelan Embassy D.C., April 27, 2019

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in his imperial arrogance, gloated recently that while he was CIA Director, agency members lied, cheated and stole. If that wasn’t revealing enough, he added the CIA represented “the glory of the American experiment.” The Resistance and the Democratic Party have aligned themselves with the national security state, for they view it as opposition to Trump. But in this regard, they are just as dangerous. We’re not fooled. U.S. security agencies, just like the military, regularly subvert and overthrow Black and Brown countries targeted for regime change. “The Secretary of State’s candid remarks remind us that U.S. foreign policy is intended to punish those targeted as enemies, keep friends as vassal states, and disregard international law,” writes BAP Coordinating Committee member Margaret Kimberley in Black Agenda Report.

The U.S. military, in addition to killing innocent Black and Brown people, is the world's largest polluter, producing more hazardous waste than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined. The military is accelerating climate change and has left a toxic legacy across the world and on sovereign nations inside the United States. For a U.S. state committed to upholding white supremacy, Black and Brown lives are disposable, as is our very environment. This is why we say the war on African/Black people domestically is connected to the war on Black and Brown people abroad.

BAP member organization Pan-African Community Action (PACA) has been in Cuba over the past week with the 14th May Day International Brigade to commemorate International Workers’ Day alongside internationalist delegations from 32 countries.

BAP is proud to endorse the May Day on Wall Street rally and march happening in New York City.

No compromise.

No retreat.

Struggle to win,
Ajamu, Jaribu, Margaret, Netfa, Paul, Vanessa and YahNé
Coordinating Committee
Black Alliance for Peace

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