This week, representatives from peace organizations throughout the United States announced they had formed a delegation to visit Venezuela on March 10. On this four-day trip, the delegation intends to gather information from Venezuela’s elected leaders and civil society groups to demonstrate what is missing from the U.S. mainstream media narrative: Most Venezuelans oppose the U.S. intervention and CIA-trained puppet Juan Guaidó, who has announced himself Venezuela’s “interim president.” Watch the press conference and read the official statement.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced victory on February 23. That day, he spoke to tens of thousands of Venezuelans who had marched from several corners of Caracas to express their opposition to the attempted U.S. coup aiming to disrupt the Bolivarian process that began 20 years ago under former President Hugo Chavez. The opposition’s goal of taking over the country on February 23 fizzled at border entrances. Trucks supposedly carrying U.S. humanitarian aid turned out to be Trojan horses—according to Venezuelans, nails and wire were embedded in the supplies. These items are regularly used to create road traps. When the U.S. plan to send aid was announced, the International Red Cross and the United Nations denounced it as “politicized” and declined to participate. Watch Max Blumenthal of The Grayzone Project unpack the U.S. narrative of starving Venezuelans in his visit to a Caracas supermarket. RT correspondent Dan Cohen reported from the Colombian-Venezuelan border, where he spoke to a Colombian priest who said the goal is to force the internal situation in Venezuela to devolve via food and medicine shortages, which would ease the way for a coup. An Afro-Colombian activist spoke to “Redacted Tonight”’s Lee Camp about human-rights violations against Indigenous and African peoples in Colombia. The lack of U.S. intervention into the human-rights crisis in neighboring Colombia—a NATO ally no where near the northern Atlantic Ocean—highlights the hypocrisy of U.S. efforts to overthrow Venezuela’s leaders. Maduro also thanked activists who marched in New York City for demonstrating solidarity on the one-month anniversary.

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Photo credit: V. Arun Kumar / Peoples Dispatch