In pulling the United States out of the Iran deal, we can say the only ones happy are the neocons, liberal interventionists, Israel and Saudi Arabia. This is a clear move toward war. After President Donald Trump’s irresponsible announcement, revealing the United States again cannot be trusted to keep its word, he took it further and threatened Iran not to build nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia renewed its threat that it would build a bomb if Iran did so. Meanwhile, Israel attacked Iranian positions in Syria as the world reeled from Trump’s immature move.

At the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP), we remain steadfast internationalists. We will continue to defend the right of oppressed peoples and states under attack by U.S. imperialism. It is not our place to get into the weeds and critique other states’ business. It is for us to stand to dismantle the U.S. empire.

May Day just passed, and we will continue to stress workers of the world must include anti-militarism and anti-imperialism in their demands. It might sound cliché to say we are living in dangerous times. But with the Iran deal ripped up and Korean peace and re-unification in jeopardy as the U.S. empire insists on keeping its military bases on the peninsula, it is up to the workers to take down this oppressive global structure.

We also wanted to bring your attention to our friend, former CIA agent-turned-activist Ray McGovern, who was brutalized while being arrested for protesting at the U.S. Senate hearing of Gina Haspel. Haspel had authorized the black site in Thailand where CIA detainees from the around the world had been tortured. The United States being in such a weak geopolitical position has decided to let its civilized mask fall and is now unleashing every weapon against humanity.

BAP National Organizer Ajamu Baraka also spoke with progressive journalist Tim Black about the dangerous game the United States is playing around the world and how the struggles of the African diaspora around the world and on the continent are connected to the struggles of Blacks in the United States.

As you’ve seen in previous weekly updates, BAP is preparing to send a delegation of a dozen radical Black activists to Durham, North Carolina, to attend the National Assembly for Black Liberation, being held May 18-20. If successful, this historic gathering will unify and strengthen left Black forces in the United States. BAP is introducing a resolution at the assembly to include anti-militarism and anti-imperialism as part of the reinvigorated effort’s demands. We must raise $3,000 to be able to provide partial support to these BAP members. Can we count on you to help re-build the Black anti-war movement?

No compromise.

No retreat.

Struggle to win,
Ajamu, Ana, Jaribu, Kali, Lamont, Lukata, Margaret and Yolande
Coordinating Committee
Black Alliance for Peace

P.S. We’re sending 12 radical Black activists to the National Assembly for Black Liberation. Help us re-build the Black anti-war movement in the tradition of Black internationalism by contributing today.