We were touched by the response we got from the public when we asked you a few days ago to support us so we could keep our independent voice. We want to thank all who gave a little or a lot, but we are not there yet. We still have four days to reach our goal of $10,000—and we are far from it. Give today, freedom fighters. Dig deep because we too are digging deep to build this alliance as a structure for liberation and transformation.

The national prison strike continues into its final week, but prisoners are not just raising their voices for people who are locked up after being convicted. They’re bringing attention to migrants and refugees in detention centers as well as folks with disabilities, who make up a large portion of the prison population.

The Women’s March on the Pentagon, scheduled for October 20-21, is part of Anti-war Autumn, a campaign designed so electoral candidates cannot avoid the questions of imperialism and war. BAP National Organizer Ajamu Baraka said, “We’ve got to put the so-called ‘New Wave’ Democrats on notice that we’re not going to allow them to get elected without clearly stating where they stand on U.S. militarism.” Listen to the interview.

The U.S. empire as well as its allies in the European Union and NATO have been increasing the volume of its propaganda against emerging powers like China. Comedian and activist Lee Camp explains how to create a U.S.-backed coup, and much of it involves tricking the population with lies. The Forum on Africa-China Cooperation concluded this week with an agreement to increase dialogue and strengthen ties to continue economic development in the form of the Belt and Road Initiative. Already, more than 3,000 miles of motorways and railways have been built in African countries.


We understand many of you are fretting over the state’s collaboration with communications and technology corporations. These forces are coming for BAP, and it might happen sooner than we think. The only way we will win is with the support of the masses. We’re organizing our first membership meeting for September 21-22 in Atlanta to consolidate our forces. Only you can help us raise $10,000 to make this meeting happen and beat back the U.S. empire.

If you are of African descent and would like to attend this first mass membership meeting, become a member. You will then receive information about how to register for first membership meeting.

Please also try to attend these other events:

  1. BAP endorsed the annual Brooklyn-Wide March Against Gentrification, Racism and Police Violence that is taking place September 15 in New York City. Please RSVP, get your organizations to endorse this march and participate!

  2. BAP has also endorsed the International Tribunal on U.S. Colonial Crimes on Puerto Rico, being held October 27 in New York City. This tribunal needs endorsements, donations and publicity.

No compromise.

No retreat.

Struggle to win,
Ajamu, Ana, Jaribu, Kali, Lamont, Lukata, Margaret, Netfa, Paul, Vanessa and Yolande
Coordinating Committee
Black Alliance for Peace

P.S. Help us organize against the U.S. empire by contributing today toward our first membership meeting!


Photo credit: itsgoingdown.org