“Only in the world of comic-book fantasies is the United States a friend to the oppressed in Africa or anywhere else on the planet. In the real world, the U.S. is a predator, colonial/capitalist nation.”

We don’t have luxury of mindless diversions while the United States is aggressively using the awesome power of its military and financial weight to subvert, destabilize and destroy nations and people’s movements around the world.

Our responsibility—as we always emphasize—is to remain clear that we, the members and supporters of BAP, stand in fundamental solidarity with peoples and nations of the world against U.S. imperialism and aggression.

Here are a few efforts we would like you to support this week.

U.S. Out of Guantanamo!

BAP is organizing a national teleconference call 7 p.m. tomorrow (February 23) to commemorate the 115th anniversary of the capture of Cuba and Guantanamo. On this call, we will discuss efforts to close the torture chamber being run by the U.S. state on the island, as well as the militarization of the Caribbean and Latin America. You can register here. Speakers will include BAP member Netfa Freeman of the International Committee for Peace, Justice & Dignity and Pan-African Community Action (PACA) and James Patrick Jordan from the Alliance for Global Justice.

Defend Venezuela, No to U.S. Destabilization and Military Intervention!

The United States has openly called for a coup in Venezuela and has encouraged neighboring countries to move military equipment and troops to the border of Venezuela. Popular Resistance, one of BAP’s organizational supporters, developed actions that we should support.

New York Regional Planning Meeting for a Spring Action

Thursday, February 22, 2018, 7-9 p.m.
CWA Local 1180, 6 Harrison Street, New York, NY 10013

If you are a member of an organization with members in the New York City area, please ask them to attend this meeting to plan for a massive anti-war action to be held this spring.

For more information on the New York meeting, email springactions@gmail.com.


BAP’s Africa Team is working hard to develop our campaign to counter the military recolonization by the U.S./EU/NATO axis of domination. BAP already has a factsheet for you on the AFRICOM encroachment. We are also seeing disturbing reports that Germany has returned to Africa as part of the expanding European presence in Africa. Stay tuned for more information from the team.

Read BAP National Organizer Ajamu Baraka’s take on the impending crisis in Venezuela as a result of U.S. intervention in the region.

Rolling Stone published an article that makes the connection between gun violence in the U.S. and militarism. This is one of just a few articles in the media that draws the link.

No retreat.

No compromise.

In struggle,
Ajamu, Ana, Jaribu, Kali, Lamont, Lukata, Margaret and Yolande
Coordinating Committee
Black Alliance for Peace

P.S. Only your support can help beat the U.S. war machine. Contribute today.