We are facing an intensifying crisis in the United States.

That’s all as a result of the bi-partisan drive to use military force to prop up the declining power of the empire.

We must be clear and resolute in our opposition to these moves by redoubling our organizing and public educational activities.

Some of the work BAP has taken on over last few weeks includes:

BAP demands U.S. hands off North Korea
The increased aggression toward North Korea is dangerous. We say no justification exists for U.S. government interference on the Korean Peninsula.

Trump’s assault on Black lives
Did you hear President Donald Trump wants to unleash more military grade gear to local and state police? This means the war on Black lives is ramping up.

End the war in Afghanistan
Trump announced the longest war in U.S. history will continue. We ask that the United States admit defeat and end this war and that you join us in organizing local actions in the week of the 16th anniversary.

BAP joins CodePink in divestment program
BAP has co-sponsored CodePink’s initiative to punish those who profit from the war machine. BAP will join CodePink and other organizations during its October 21-22 Launch Summit to kick off the campaign and celebrate the national U.S. television release of “Shadow World,” a film about the global arms trade. Learn more.

BAP helped found the coalition to close military bases
Are you aware of the environmental, social and political impact of American military bases around the world? BAP is. That’s why we have joined the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases.

Thanks so much for supporting BAP as it grows and makes strides toward a peaceful future.

In solidarity,
Ajamu Baraka
BAP National Organizer

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Photo credit: HBO.com