We’re back and we’re fired up.
Because of your support, the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) was able to use the $2,915 raised in only two weeks’ time to register, transport and house at least seven BAP members who attended the United National Antiwar Coalition’s conference June 16-18 in Richmond, Virginia.
As we promised, we stretched every dollar by carpooling and room sharing—even yours truly slept on the floor.

I can honestly say we made huge strides for our Black-led anti-war movement on that weekend.

  • BAP members appeared on UNAC plenaries. BAP National Coordinating Committee member and UNAC Administrative Committee member Margaret Kimberley and I spoke on the opening plenary and I also had the honor of being on the closing plenary.
  • We consistently promoted UNAC’s position. The immediate priority of the anti-war movement must be to oppose the Trump administration’s proposal to increase the military budget and the moves being made by administration to deepen U.S. involvement in Syria.
  • BAP held a well attended and productive workshop that helped participants’ better understand the mission and program of BAP—that resulted in most of the over two dozen attendees committing to become active members and supporters of BAP.
  • Conference attendees also expressed support and enthusiasm for BAP’s mission.

It was a great success for an organization that launched a little more than two months ago.
Just so you know, we are developing BAP’s infrastructure so we can more easily support our members and get the word out when the corporate media fails us—doesn’t it always? We’re looking at revamping our modest website, building organizing and advocacy support for BAP members and allies, strengthening research and material development, and investing in strategic communications.
Your commitment to this movement keeps it alive, so thanks very much for all you have done.
In solidarity,
Ajamu Baraka
National Organizer
Black Alliance for Peace

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