The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) raised $11,111 during our year-end fundraiser—all because of you!

We also welcomed 22 new monthly sustainers.

BAP is planning to make huge strides this year—co-hosting a conference a week from tomorrow to close U.S. foreign military bases, continuing our organizing work as a co-sponsor of CODEPINK’s war-divestment campaign and hosting our first national gathering in April.

This is an ambitious agenda.

It can only happen if justice-seeking people like yourself continue to support this effort.

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  1. January 12-14, Baltimore: Conference on U.S. Foreign Military Bases. BAP co-founded this new coalition.


  1. BAP Coordinating Committee member Margaret Kimberley asks “Who killed Erica Garner?” Read more.
  2. Political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal desperately needs medical care at a hospital. Find out how to take action to help him.
  3. CNN was caught covering for U.S. imperialists in a piece that doesn’t link to a report it claims to cite. In fact, CNN twisted what a Wired article exposed—the United States is the prime source of weapons being used in West Asia and North Africa. Read the propaganda.
  4. The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) is asking the United States to denounce Colombian Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas’ recent remarks insinuating the majority of human-rights defenders and social leaders in Colombia are targeted and killed because of issues in their personal lives, instead of their activism. WOLA would like the United States to ask Colombia to protect activists. Read more.
  5. Coups and history: An interview on Zimbabwe. Read more.

Let’s continue to build the resistance we all have been waiting for!

In struggle,
Coordinating Committee
Black Alliance for Peace

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