Fourth Canada – United States – Mexico
Trilateral Peace Conference

September 13, 2018 – Moca, Dominican Republic

Final Declaration

The Canadian Peace Congress (CPCon), the U.S. Peace Council (USPC) and the Mexican Movement for Peace and Development (MOMPADE) held their fourth Trilateral Meeting on September 13, 2018 in Moca, Dominican Republic in conjunction with the Hemispheric Peace Conference of the World Peace Council and its affiliates on this continent. Upon the conclusion of their meeting, the delegations of the three organizations issued the following statement:

Our Trilateral Meeting takes place at a time of a serious deterioration of the international
situation, marked by the increasingly aggressive actions of U.S. imperialism, with the active
support of Canada and its other NATO allies, to interfere in the domestic affairs of other states,
to use economic blackmail and threats of aggression, to conspire with regional actors and local
oligarchies to carry out ‘regime change’ operations against governments unwilling to submit to
imperialist demands, and in some cases to resort to direct military intervention. This aggressive
behavior comes together with, and is closely related to, the deepening systemic crisis of
capitalism and the ever-worsening effects of climate change and the general degradation of the global environment.

The participants express grave concern that the accelerated drive to militarization, aggression and war threatens the very future of humanity, and call for urgent measures to stop and reverse the arms race, to sharply reduce bloated military budgets and to redirect these funds to peaceful and socially useful purposes to raise wages and living standards, improve social programs and protect our environment. Urgent efforts are required to prevent the modernization of nuclear arsenals, to ban the militarization of outer space, and to move in the direction of general and comprehensive disarmament, including the ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Our organizations condemn the further expansion of NATO, including the recent addition of Colombia as a “global partner” and its intention to recruit other states in our hemisphere to the NATO camp, which is totally controlled by U.S. imperialism and serves its economic and
political interests. The cause of peace can only be advanced through the dissolution of this
aggressive military alliance, not through its expansion.

The Trilateral Meeting agrees that the firm foundations of peace must be based on the principles of non-intervention and full respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, self-determination and independence of all states, as stipulated in the UN Charter and covenants of international law enacted since the end the World War II.

The participants note that the web of U.S. foreign military bases around the world – including an archipelago of almost 80 foreign bases throughout the Americas – is a direct threat to world peace and undermines the sovereignty of individual states, and we call for the closure of these bases. Our three organizations commit to helping build the Global Campaign Against US/NATO
Military Bases, and pledge to help mobilize the largest possible contingents of peace forces from our countries to participate in the International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases to be held in Dublin, Ireland on November 16-18, 2018.

Our organizations pledge to strengthen our solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and the Sandinista government in Nicaragua, both of which are under sharp attack by U.S. imperialism, and with Socialist Cuba which continues to endure and advance despite a
revitalized blockade by the United States. These are not isolated issues or events, but rather part of a coordinated campaign to undermine progressive governments and movements throughout Latin America, particularly those striving to resist imperialist hegemony, and to defend their national sovereignty and independent path of development. This subversive campaign increasingly relies on judicial and parliamentary maneuvers to remove elected leaders and oust progressive governments from power.

In this regard, our Meeting welcomes the progressive changes in Mexico arising from the recent election results, but warns that the new government could well become the next target of such anti-democratic attacks by imperialism and domestic reactionary forces.

The participants note that the re-negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between our three countries has reached a critical stage as the Trump Administration,
acting in the interests of U.S. finance capital, seeks to extract concessions from both its northern and southern neighbors. Our organizations consider that the economic relations between our neighboring countries – and related treaties and agreements – must be mutually beneficial for the peoples and economies of our three countries, must serve to improve the wages, working conditions and overall living standards of our peoples, and must protect and enhance our shared natural environment.

Our organizations also express alarm at the rapid growth of racist, anti-immigration tendencies and state policies in our countries, especially marked by the plans of the Trump Administration to step up the deportation of undocumented workers and the completion of a wall along the entire U.S./Mexican frontier. In our view such positions and policies pander to and help to promote the further rise of xenophobia, national chauvinism, racism and fascism in our societies, backward and dangerous trends which are antithetical and hostile to the cause of peace. We should be building bridges to unite us, not walls to divide us.

While working on all of these related issues over the coming period, our Meeting proposes that our organizations consider three specific campaign initiatives flowing out of this trilateral session:
1. Against Arms Production, the Arms Trade and the Militarization of our Societies – this
to include opposition to the military-industrial complexes in our three countries, the export
of weapons and military-related goods internationally (including the illicit cross-border
traffic of weapons), and the hypocritical “War on Drugs” and militarization of police
forces domestically, all of which serve to breed a poisonous ‘cult of militarism’ in our
societies. No to Wars at Home or Abroad!
2. Against the Reactionary Wave of Intolerance, Xenophobia and Anti-Immigrant Ideas
and State Policies which criminalizes migrant workers, national minorities and racialized communities, and promotes the spread of racism and fascism in our societies. Instead, we
must build unity and solidarity among all those who stand for the protection and
enhancement of the economic, social and political rights of the people, including the
fundamental and inherent rights of the indigenous peoples of our countries.
3. Against Imperialist Interventionism and ‘Regime Change’ and in solidarity with all
those peoples and States which are victimized by, or targeted for such imperialist
interference and aggression within our hemisphere and around the world.
Finally, the Trilateral Meeting agrees to establish a permanent “continuation” committee,
composed of one representative from each of our three organizations, to develop concrete
proposals with regard to the three campaign initiatives (outlined above), and to maintain ongoing lines of communication and dialogue among our organizations on all matters of mutual concern and interest.

Photo credit: AFP/M. Kulbis