• Project Outreach Community Center (map)
  • 39 Elderage St., 4th floor
  • New York, NY

Please join the second NYC Spring Action 2018 planning meeting:

     Tuesday, March 13, 7 PM

     Project Outreach Community Center

     39 Elderage St. at Canal, 4th floor

      New York, NY

With the recent escalation by the Trump administration of the wars in Afghanistan and Syria and threats to North Korea and Venezuela; huge increases in military spending and the threats of nuclear war; as well as increasing attacks on the rights of workers and communities of color and the dangerous growth of white supremacist forces, the time is now to return to the street to make our voices heard.

Additionally, Trump has now announce that he will hold a military parade to show off the might of the U.S. military. This will clearly be seen as a threat by the entire world.

Help plan the NYC region Spring Action 2018 march on April 15. This is part of nationally called regional actions that will take place around the country to challenge the war makers and defend humanity.

The future is in our hands.