Join various anti-war groups in NYC on Sunday, October 7th at 3pm to remember 17 years of war in Afghanistan. Along with Afghanistan, we will be highlighting the wars that have started since, including in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, the Philippines, Palestine, Libya, Korea, and others. Our main demands are:
1) End the wars.
2) US out of everywhere
3) Money for jobs & education.

We will be rallying at Herald Square with some speeches and cultural performances, then marching to various locations that represent US imperialism.

If your organization would like to be listed as an endorsing organization, message one of the co-hosting organizations, and/or leave a comment on the event page!

Committee to Stop FBI Repression NYC
International Action Center
International League of Peoples' Struggle
New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines

Endorsing Organizations:
Brooklyn Alliance for Peace
FIRE- Fight for Immigrants & Refugees Everywhere
Jersey City Peace Movement
Labor Against Racism
Solidarity Iran
United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
United Yemeni American Organization
US Hands Off Syria Coalition

Facebook event page: