LeftRoots HangOut - A Report-Back from Vietnam

On Feminisms, Nat'l Liberation, Intl Solidarity & Socialism in the 21st Century

LeftRoots Cadres & Compas Report Back from a Recent Delegation


Thurs, April 19th * 7:30 PM EST/ 4:30 PM PT

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In December 2017 the Vietnam Women's Union - founded in 1930, with 16 million current members - hosted a multi-racial delegation of women leaders of US social justice movement organizations. Several LeftRoots cadres and compas were part of the delegation and we all returned inspired and moved to share with other US social movement leftists our reflections: on the struggle for socialism, national self-determination and feminism in 21st century Vietnam; the history of the Vietnamese people’s fierce & victorious resistance against imperialist exploitation and domination; and the implications for building the struggle against patriarchy and racial capitalism here in the belly of the beast.

We'll also be sharing specific information about the incredble feminist organizing of Vietnam's Womens Union, reflections on the relationship between Vietnam and the Black struggle, as well as the work needed to hold the US government accountable for the ongoing suffering caused by Agent Orange chemical attacks in the Vietnam War / aka The American War.

Delegation members included Merle Ratner, Rose Brewer, NTanya Lee, Juliet Ucelli and Cathy Dang, among other US-based movement leaders from the labor movement, Black Lives Matter and national women’s organizations.

Join us for this online national report-back and roundtable discussion!

long live international solidarity!