• Inside Grand Central Terminal, 42nd Street and Lexington

Info on 1 February Protest

NOON at Grand Central

"Gather at the big clock in Grand Central Terminal at a little before noon; we’ll have jumpsuits there.  

Please join Witness Against Torture and World Can’t Wait for an emergency demonstration to protest Trump’s reprehensible Executive Order to keep Guantanamo open and possibly bring new captives there. Trump signed the order just before the State of the Union address and announced it during his speech. We will gather at the main atrium at Grand Central Station and hold a dignified, silent vigil with orange jumpsuits and signs. We expect the vigil to last about an hour. Our outrage and witness are important.

Please make and bring appropriate signs like: 'Close Guantanamo - Trump’s Forever Prison' ; 'Trump = Cruel, Inhumane, Degrading'

The Executive Order can be read at: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-executive-order-protecting-america-lawful-detention-terrorists/

The Center for Constitutional Rights issued a great response at: https://ccrjustice.org/home/press-center/press-releases/guant-namo-attorneys-blast-trump-keep-gitmo-open-order"

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/153474182109151