With the renewed attacks by the Donald Trump Administration on the rights of Cuban citizens to travel to the United States—trade unionists, artists, doctors and nurses, scientists, and others, including invited guests to address US conferences and universities – as well as the ability of US citizens and legal residents to legally travel to Cuba, people in the New York-New Jersey area will have the opportunity to hear the noted Cuban educator and participant at the age of 7 as a teacher in the historic literacy campaign and mass mobilization to eliminate illiteracy that was a great early accomplishment of the Cuban Revolution.

Griselda Aguilera Cabrera is in the United States on an existing visa and is beginning a speaking tour up-and-down the East Coast – Hartford, Boston, Albany, New York City, Newark, New Brunswick, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, plus Knoxville, Tennessee. This follows a very successful tour in Chicago and Milwaukee.

Griselda will be in NYC and Northern New Jersey from February 8-12 with a number of important events in different venues. (See NY-NJ Detailed Itinerary below.)

We urge everyone in solidarity with Cuba and in opposition to Washington’s continued economic and travel sanctions, the US blockade, to join us Saturday, February 10 for the Citywide Reception and Event to meet and hear Griselda for a special event.

In solidarity,
Ike Nahem
For NY-NJ Cuba Si

New York-New Jersey Itinerary for
Griselda Aguilera Cabrera Tour
Thursday, February 8:
12 Noon – 2:00 PM Event at City College of New York in Harlem, Manhattan, Sponsored by Students Without Borders, other CCNY student and faculty groups
3:00 – 4:00 PM Tour of “Black Power” Exhibit at Schomburg Center in Harlem, organized by Universal Zulu Nation
7:30 PM Meeting with People’s Organization for Progress in Newark, NJ

Friday, February 9 – New York City
10:00 AM Reception at Domestic Violence Shelter in Brooklyn, NY
7:00 PM Public Event at Haiti Liberte in Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, February 10 – New York-New Jersey
1:00 – 3:00 PM Event at El Maestra sponsored by Puerto Rican Nationalist Party
6:00 – 9:00 PM Citywide Reception and Program at 131 West 33rd St, 2nd Fl. in Manhattan, NY

Sunday, February 11 Rest in New York
Projected Event With Solidarity Activists
Monday, February 12 – Newark-New Brunswick, NJ
10-11:30 AM Event at Essex College in Newark
1-3:00 PM Event at Rutgers University Graduate School of Education in New Brunswick
Evening Public Event at Rutgers-New Brunswick, Sponsored by Center for Latin American Culture

Tuesday, February 13 – Travel to Chester County, PA
6:00 – 8:00 PM Event at Lincoln University, PA

For more information, Ike Nahem at ikenahem@mindspring.com or 917.887.8710.