Our struggle is for our collective human rights in the United States

JUNE 19, 2019—The Black Alliance for Peace categorically rejects this specious and insulting attempt to manipulate public opinion into becoming co-conspirators in another immoral and illegal act of international gangsterism by the world’s premier rogue state and number one violator of human rights on the planet—the United States of America.

After almost two decades of constant war, the thirst for more violence, more war, more death and the destruction of cities, peoples and despoliation of the planet has not been satisfied by the Doctor Strangeloves of U.S. foreign policy who are positioning the U.S. public to support yet another war, this time on Iran.

We call on all people of conscience to join us in condemning this latest provocation by the U.S. in placing offensive military assets off the coast of Iran and threatening the Iranian state and people with military aggression – all illegal under the United Nations charter and customary international law.

We are being told that the while the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was sitting in a meeting with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in Tehran and acting as a backdoor channel for Donald Trump and the U.S. administration, Iranians launched an attack on a Japanese oil tanker.

While the irrationality of an act like that is quite apparent to most in the world not infected with the drug of white supremacist orientalism - the belief that there is a “natural” irrationality in the culture and thinking of non-Europeans – in the U.S., however, the corporate press accepts that explanation supposedly backed by “intelligence” and a grainy video.

We do not want young, working class sailors who have no interest in this naked imperialist move on the sovereign nation of Iran to be on the receiving end of SS-NX-26 Yakhont missiles that are targeted on U.S. forces – with a top speed of Mach 2.9; U.S. casualties are a certainty on those giant aircraft carriers. 

Nor do we want the thousands of innocent Iranians that will die if the U.S. launches air strikes. The U.S. has already demonstrated that it has no regard for innocent non-European life and Trump has threaten to wipe Iran off the map of the world.

The people are disgusted by the decades of war. As U.S. culture drowns in an orgy of irrational internally directed acts of violence, the cultural distortion that results from the normalization of violence that is required when a society is being constantly mobilized for war is never identified as an explanatory factor by social critics. But the direct connection between gun violence in the U.S. and the acceptance of gun violence in the form of state directed war is abundantly clear for BAP - both represent a social pathology.

Silence is not an option. The Black Alliance for Peace will do everything in its power to center a conversation on war and militarism as part of the national electoral debate. We will demand that all current elected representatives and all aspiring candidates declare where they stand.

The people of Iran, of Venezuela, of the world deserve a world free from bullying, institutional violence and attacks on their sovereignty. Since there are no international mechanisms that can put a break on the U.S. when it operates as a lawless rogue state, it falls on the people in the U.S. to act on behalf of humanity to say to the rulers who are only interested in “full spectrum dominance,” that we will opposed their systematic assault on life on our planet.

We must not be confused. The interests of the 1% in maintain their ability to continue to extract value from the earth and the people globally, are not our interests. Their interests are not the “national interests.

That is why we will oppose the bipartisan effort to sell the people on war. And say without any equivocation once again:

“Not one drop of blood from the working class and poor to defend interests of the 

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