The U.S.-supported reactionary state of Colombia has been hunting down Afro-Colombian and Indigenous activists who have been struggling for their human rights on ancestral territories. After the Transatlantic Slave Trade began forcibly transporting Africans to Colombia in the 1520s, some Africans were able to break away and settle in rural environments, where they have lived for centuries as self-sustaining people.

Sara Quiñonez and Tulia Marys Valencia—daughter and mother, respectively—were arrested on April 20 on phony charges of narcotics trafficking and terrorism.

The Colombian government has already received so many messages of support for these sisters, the state apparently has disabled the email account.

The best way you can support Sara and Tulia is by posting messages on social media. Tap this link for language you can use.

Hands Off Syria

In our continued effort to expose the lies and rally folks on the left, BAP members have been relentless.

BAP Coordinating Committee member Margaret Kimberley wrote in Black Agenda Report: “The Nuremberg trials after World War II established that planning aggressive war is a crime and so is the propaganda that promotes it. May, Trump and Macron are guilty but so-called journalists are as well. The criminals could not commit their dirty deeds without their help.”

BAP National Organizer Ajamu Baraka was interviewed on RT about the neoliberal militarization that allows U.S. gangsterism to run amok.

Of course, one reason so much ideological confusion and imperialist collaboration exists is Black left thought is as threatening to faux-left white radicals as it is to the bourgeoisie. Read this piece in Black Agenda Report.

BAP member Glen Ford writes in Black Agenda Report, “Most white Americans bought into the lie because they wanted to: imperial-mindedness is white privilege on a global scale.”

That is why information about the United States using biological weapons on the Korean peninsula during the early 1950s was suppressed. It’s also why the U.S. imagination only allows one of two depictions of its main economic rival: a capitalist, imperialist China or an authoritarian, human-rights violating China.

National Assembly for Black Liberation

Join us in taking a conscious step to unite the battlefronts of the Black working class into a national movement for Black liberation and radical transformation of the capitalist system—a system that oppresses and exploits multitudes throughout the world and threatens the sustainability of the Earth. Register for the National Assembly for Black Liberation, May 18-20 in Durham, North Carolina.

No compromise.

No retreat.

Struggle to win,
Ajamu, Ana, Jaribu, Kali, Lamont, Lukata, Margaret and Yolande
Coordinating Committee
Black Alliance for Peace

P.S. The oppressors won’t dismantle the U.S. war machine—that’s our job. Contribute today!