The first step is the call to build the Alliance around the mission.  The program of the Alliance will be a work in process as it is being built. The final content of the Alliance’s program and/or campaign objectives will be determined through democratic processes once the leadership structures and participatory processes are worked out. 

However, it is anticipated that:

Through educational work, organizing support, advocacy and communication/media efforts, the Alliance Secretariat will produce in conjunction with its member organizations and advisory structures, information and resource support in order to strengthen the ability of the Alliance collectively to realize its programmatic and campaign goals. Some of the methods will involve community teach-ins, forums, peace trainings with community groups and NGOs, research and documentation, organizing support and mass mobilizations.

Moreover, it is clear at this point that there are some short-term objectives. Short-term meaning work over next 90 to 120 days. However, as the Alliances develops all phases of the work will be determined by consensus.    

Short term:

1) Opposed Trump budget that calls for $54 billion increase in military spending.

2) Work for the withdrawal of all U.S. military personnel who are operating on the ground in Syria in contradiction to international law.

3) Demand immediate halt to U.S. military collaboration with Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen and institute an arms sanction against new U.S. military equipment exported to Saudi Arabia.

4) Agitate for halt to state’s militarization of local police forces through its 1033 program.

5) Build links and coordinate actions with black movements in Colombia to support interests of black communities in the peace process and demand that Trump administration respect and support efforts at peace in Colombia.


6) Demand halt to the “Israelization” of police forces in the U.S. by Israeli trainings of U.S. police forces.

7) Work to shut down the U.S. African Command (AFRICOM) and the withdrawal of all U.S. bases and forces from the continent of Africa.

8) Coordinate direct actions of solidarity with black movements in Honduras and Haiti and Colombia and with liberation movements globally.